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Transform your living space while also championing the planet. Bliss Studio is on a mission to make your home look good and feel good with eco-friendly materials and mindful production practices. From dissolvable packaging to energy-efficient designs, we're redefining what it means to furnish your home with heart.  Your home should be a haven that not only nurtures your soul, but also nurtures the environment. Create a home that reflects your style and values. With Bliss Studio, make every corner of your home a reflection of mindful living and psychedelic style. 


To further build trust and transparency with you, our customers <3 we aim to publish all of our material sources. Below is our sustainable packaging material sources. We don't want to just say were sustainable, but truly embody our values through action and transparency. 



Packing Peanuts

Sourced from Staples, these packing peanuts are made out of corn and completely dissolve in water. For an instructional video, click HERE. For more information on the peanuts, see HERE


Tissue Paper

Sourced from Supr Pack, our tissue paper is naturally compostable. To dispose of this, remove the sticker and put it right in your compost or recycling bin. It is comprised of FSC Certified (Forest Stewardship Council) paper pulp made using wood from sustainably managed forests. The tissue paper is also acid free. See HERE for more information. 



Sourced from Avery, our stickers are made from 100% post-consumer recycled paper. For more information, see HERE



Like traditional cardboard boxes, our boxes are fully recyclable. Currently, we source our boxes from Staples. They are made in America to help reduce our overall carbon footprint. For more information, see HERE.
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