Galaxy Active: Sustainability Strategy and Design Guide

Designed and Researched by: Ella Weinstein

Galaxy Active & Gaiam Sustainability Strategy

Sustainable Design Guide

Research Excerpts  

These are excerpts of a report I developed to detail actions Galaxy Active can and should take to promote sustainability. Within the context of sustainability, it explains the different aspects of sustainability such as transparency, recyclability, biodegradability, and social justice. It covers the financial incentives to pursue sustainability and pending legislation which will mandate these actions.


This report also discusses the ways in which these actions can be taken, giving specific recommendations for sustainability consultants and carbon offset measures. This report provides a general understanding of certification programs and tools Galaxy can use to achieve these goals.

Included is also a market survey of competitor retail brands, market leaders for sustainability, and major retailers. These retailers have their own sustainability targets for themselves and their suppliers. Knowing what Galaxy's retailers are expecting in term of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG), is integral to maintaining business relationships and competing with competitors.


The footwear market is shifting towards sustainability. This report provides an understanding of sustainability, insight on current market trends, and specific targets developed through analyzing this shift towards ESG with the resources to make those changes.


I also created a designers guide to aid sustainability from the beginning of the design process.  Sustainable materials are a cornerstone of lowering Galaxy's carbon footprint and curbing environmental impact. By replacing harmful materials with bio-based and recycled options, Galaxy can limit its negative impact while marketing these sustainable materials. To aid in this pursuit, I created a sustainable materials guide as part of the larger research report. The images below are excerpts of this research.


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