The Mag Lighter

350 Million Lighters Are 

Landfilled Each Year

The pervasive issue of losing lighters

leads to their disposal

350 million lighters are discarded annually, primarily due to unintentional loss. When landfilled, lighters pose significant environmental hazards such as toxic air, water, and soil pollution which is detrimental to human health.

They are also a fire hazard and leach metals into water. Addressing this issue, the Mag Lighter is a sleek solution attaching seamlessly to iPhones, ensuring a reliable flame is always with you. Its dematerialized design reduces environmental impact by using by eliminating disposable housing components used in most other lighters.

Featuring a rechargeable battery and MagSafe technology, it promotes sustainability, prolongs lifespan, and aligns with modern charging habits. Safet

y is prioritized with an angled flame, preventing accidental burns. This innovative, eco-conscious product redefines traditional lighters, offering a reliable and sustainable lighting solution for everyday needs—a commitment to efficiency, safety, and a greener future.


User Research

How often do you find it inconvenient to refill or maintain your lighter?

  • 100% of respondents found it inconvenient to refill with none of them doing so.  
  • 43% of respondents said they lose their lighters before they would even consider refilling them.

Can you describe any safety concerns you've had with cigarette lighters in the past?

  • 57% of respondents were concerned with excessive burning of cigarettes, fingers, and eyelashes in various conditions such as wind and candle lighting.

Are there additional functions or tools you'd like your lighter to have, besides lighting cigarettes?

  • Attach-ability: 28% of respondents wanted some means of attaching the lighter to not lose it
  • Ability to Light Candles28% of respondents wanted to be able to light a cigarette, a blunt, and a candle with the same lighter

Case Study

Lucy, 21


She/ They

“The butane lighter is easy to refill, to be honest I’ve never bothered refilling one with lighter fluid because usually it’s stolen or lost by then lol”

“Having something that could clip to me or maybe a separate strap would be cool. All of my current lighters just make their way to the bottom of my bag and I find myself digging for it.”

“When it’s windy it can be difficult to light without burning my fingers, esp for the mini lighters. It’s less of an issue for lighting something like a joint or cigarette where the flame is able to go straight up but lighting a bowl (in a bong or pipe) is harder since the material is underneath the flame.”

Ideation & Modeling


Dematerialized Though Design

By strategically designing a sliding mechanism within the lighter, this design eliminates a plastic housing used in many electric lighters.


Rechargeable Design

This rechargeable lighter offers a more sustainable alternative to butane lighters due to their reusable nature. By utilizing rechargeable batteries, it significantly reduce the consumption of disposable butane lighters which cannot be refilled, minimizing environmental waste. The production and disposal of butane lighters contribute to pollution and resource depletion, whereas rechargeable lighters extend product lifespan, reducing overall environmental impact. Though some butane lighters can be refilled, the rechargeable option is a much more familiar use cycle than refilling a butane lighter, making it more likely users will keep reusing the lighter.


Always Have a Reliable Flame With You

With its magnetic design, users will always have a reliable flame on them. Attached to the back of ones phone, it seamlessly fits into one's daily routine. By giving users this way to keep from losing their lighter lengthens the life of the lighter. The angled flame prevents burning of fingers. With the type of flame, an electric torch light, it is able to light candles more easily than traditional butane lighter.

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